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October 17 2017

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Bun Trend
Our experts have characterized the ecological impact of this trend as "adorable."
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Man darf nicht immer alles wörtlich nehmen
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October 13 2017

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Self Driving
"Crowdsourced steering" doesn't sound quite as appealing as "self driving."
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Graf Porno geht vor
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October 12 2017

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It's like I've always said--people just need more common sense. But not the kind of common sense that lets them figure out that they're being condescended to by someone who thinks they're stupid, because then I'll be in trouble.
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October 09 2017

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Drei beim Sturm Xavier umgestürzte Bäume liegen an einer Straße bei Rautenberg im Landkreis Hildesheim
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Jet Lag
I had some important research to do on proposed interstellar space missions, basketball statistics, canceled skyscrapers, and every article linked from "Women in warfare and the military in the 19th century."
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June 11 2017

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Why is this on shitty car mods? This is revolutionary

becomes extremely enlightened when my airbag deploys and pushes all of these into the exact center of my brain

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